About TradeExperts

TradeExperts is a multi-line financial services holding company that owns, manages and/or is in the process of acquiring, various private financial services businesses in the brokerage, risk management and trading industries. Headquartered in Hong kong, IIlinois; TradeExperts FX and its subsidiaries are managed by a group of leaders in the financial industry.

TradeExperts FX has designed a unique multi-faceted approach to the marketing and management of financial services products that generates more business and creates tremendous synergies between each of the financial services subsidiaries, allowing each division to grow more aggressively and efficiently than they might be able to by operating independently. This model appreciates the value proposition to the end-client as the group companies provide a one-stop shop for investment brokerage products in all asset classes.

TradeExperts FX’s global independent affiliated subsidiaries primarily focus in offering turnkey Standalone and Private-label solutions to qualified financial institutions. These institutions include Banks, Securities Brokers, FX Brokers, Hedge Funds, etc. These turnkey solutions allow our clients to offer their customers sophisticated trading platforms covering Futures, CFD’s and over 60 FX currency pairs. Our award winning technology can be easily integrated with existing treasury systems, risk management tools and other financial systems. .