Advantages of Trading Forex

The growth in the Forex market over the last decade has led to a number of advantages for the private investor. Trading material to educate the trader has become far more readily available. Support services via forums have become increasingly popular and in the event that you the private investor no longer wish to trade the account yourself, you have professional money managers that will take-over via managed accounts. In brief the main advantages for the private investor and the shorter term trader are:

24 hour trading, 5 days a week with 24 hour cover provided by the broker.
  • TradeExperts provides 24 hour cover for its clients
  • Cover from Sunday night through to Friday night.
An enormous liquid market.
  • $3.6 trillion traded daily
Market volatility.
  • The Forex market is constantly moving providing volatility. It is this volatility that provides both long and short term traders the opportunity to profit from the Forex market.
Products that are traded
  • With over twenty products being offered there are always opportunities in the market.
The ability to go long or sell short.
  • You are not restricted to long positions only. If you believe that a currency pair is going down you have the ability to take a short position.
Low margin requirements.
  • With the low margin requirement you are able to leverage your account up to 500.
A Wealth of Trading Resources & Forums.
  • The internet and growth in the retail forex market has led to a wealth of free trading resources via the internet.
  • Forums dedicated to the pursuit of successful forex trading.

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